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This is the live testing/personal site for Innovative Future Web Design. Being a test site it is, on occassion, broken. If you are visiting and you can't get any further then please accept our apologies but we're in the process of updating or testing sites/software etc.....

In the meantime please feel free to visit our main business site at InnovativeFuture.co.uk to see more of what we can do, examples of our work-and for defintions of any geeky techy technical phrases such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, CMS which may be bandied around this site more readily than normal

You may like to try the links below which may or may not take you to our latest test areas. Please note if you cannot find a link back to here then please use the back button on your browser. Again being a test area there may be navigational breakdowns

  1. Test Content Manangement System This will soon include live test area for customers to try out the back-end admin and a demonstration of an online shop

  2. Test/Demo Wordpress v2.02 Wordpress is an excellent blogging system which also lends itself extremely well to more basic CMS (Content Management System)"

  3. Google Map of Innovative Future Web Design Initial work on a Google Map 'mashup' - this first incarnation simply shows our location/address-note it's yet to be styled but simple use of CSS will improve presentation hugely-I've just not done it yet.
    Real world applications of this could integrate it into a Contact Us page to show a map for a company-and it can even be used for Directions etc.
    Mashups can and have been expanded for many other purposes. For example Gvisit.com tracks visitors to a site or Housingmaps.com shows places to rent or buy property in the US - commercial applications could include showing all site locations for a multi-site company etc

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